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Westminster Chimes, November 2013 Westminster Chimes, November 2013

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Westminster Chimes, November 2013

Posted on Thu, Oct 24, 2013


From the Pastor


I thought I would share the following information from the church information form and the minutes of the pastor nominating committee of a church, which shall remain nameless, with you:


The pastor of this congregation is to be 26 years old and is to have been preaching for 30 years. He is to be tall, short, thin, heavyset and handsome; he is to have one brown eye and one blue; his hair is to be parted in the middle, with the left side dark and straight and the right side brown and wavy and he is to be mostly bald. He is to have a burning desire to work with teenagers, and he is to spend all his time ministering to the elderly. He should greet every event with a straight face because he is to have a sense of humor that will keep him seriously dedicated to his work. He is to make 15 calls a day on church members, spend all his time evangelizing the unchurched, and he is never to be out of his office. He is expected to put in at least 26 hours a day, 8 days a week, and he should set an example of dedication to his family for others to follow.”


Report of the Search Committee: We have investigated a number of candidates for the ministry, but we regret to report that none seems suitable. Here are the comments on those we have considered so far:

NOAH: Has 120 years of preaching experience, but not a single convert.

MOSES: Stutters. Also loses his temper. Can be very violent.

ABRAHAM: Goes to Egypt in hard times. Known to lie when in trouble.

DAVID: Immoral. Might be considered for Minister of Music, if he had not fallen.

SOLOMON: A reputation for wisdom, but does not practice what he preaches.

ELIJAH: Inconsistent. Folds when under pressure. Retreats into caves.

ISAIAH: Has unclean lips; admitted it in a worship service.

JEREMIAH: Too emotional. Cries a lot. Alarmist. “Pain in the neck,” some say.

AMOS: No seminary training. Should stick to picking figs.

JOHN THE BAPTIST: Popular, but lacks tact and dresses like a hippie. (Considering his diet, he would not be happy at church suppers.)

PETER: Actually denied he knew Christ. Could not lead evangelism committee.

PAUL: Preaches well, but contemptible appearance. Long sermons; people sleep.

TIMOTHY: Has potential. Background questionable. Too young.

JESUS: Offends large segments of the audience when he preaches. Very controversial. He even offended the search committee.

JUDAS: Practical. Leadership abilities. Served on an executive committee. Good with money. Conservative spender. Cares for the poor. We were ready to make him our choice when he suddenly died. You never know about some people.


As you can see, no pastor is ever perfect. Neither is anyone else. Those who expect perfection from the pastor, the staff, the choir, or their fellow church members place a burden on them that Jesus Himself never demanded. And Jesus tells us, “Let the one without sin cast the first stone,” and “Do not judge lest you yourself be judged.”


At times we all make mistakes. At times we hurt one another. At times we say the wrong thing. The Good News of the Gospel is that in Jesus Christ we are forgiven. If Christ, who is perfect, can forgive us, how much more should we, as imperfect creatures, forgive one another and be willing to overlook each others’ flaws. The hymn says, “They’ll know we are Christians by our love.” Do we act with love or criticism toward those around us?


Paul calls us “earthen vessels.” We are pots of clay, imperfect, with finger marks and streaks on our surfaces, fragile and temporary. Yet we contain an inestimable treasure: we are created in the image of God, and we bear God’s Word to those around us. The vessels may not be perfect, but they are of no importance. The treasure within is what is important. Whatever our imperfections, shortcomings, or inadequacies, let us present our treasure to the world in love. The Word of God ennobles the poorest of containers, and enriches all who receive it. Share the Word of God and the love of God with everyone you meet. (Thanks to the Anglican Digest, by way of the Joyful Newsletter, for the Search Committee Report.)


The Rev. Randy Nolen



Fellowship News


The Thanksgiving potluck will be on November 28th. Serving will start at 12:00 noon. There will be a sign-up sheet in the Narthex for this. Please sign up to clean up as there will be a shortage of Fellowship members there, just Goldene!!


The Fellowship Committee hopes you all come and enjoy the great food and wonderful company.

Respectfully submitted

Fellowship Committee



PW Happenings


Our next meeting will be on November 11, at 9:30 am. We will be studying Lesson #3, “Set Free by God.” Our lesson leader will be Peg Stokes and our hostess will be Margaret Johnson. Hope to see you there.


We will again be “adopting” a CASA family for Christmas this year. Harriet Pinkerton and Dixie Loy will be working on getting our family’s information for us in the next couple weeks. We will keep everyone informed.


God’s Blessings,

Goldene Mondragon

PW Moderator



Hungry Harold


It’s that time again, time to help out Hungry Harold. He says for November 2013, he is in need of Kool-Aid and/or Drink Mixes along with Pastas and Dried Pinto Beans. He gives thanks for the many blessings he has received from members and friends of Westminster Presbyterian Church.


Westminster delivered to Community Kitchen in September from Hungry Harold 67 lb. pinto beans; 28 lb. pasta; 10 large cans powdered drink mix; l lb instant potatoes; 4 boxes Jello; l lb. rice; 2 1/2 lb. dates; 6 1/2 lb cat & dog food; l box cornbread mix.





Hello and blessings to everyone. The purpose of this message is to see if anyone has noticed the pruned trees in the front and west side of our building. All of the dried up branches have been removed as well as preparing the trees for an easier winter. This takes off a lot of the weight and they would stand a better chance in the case of snow this year. Intention is to prune all of the surrounding trees as well. The removal of the dead allows the tree to generate proper nutrients to where it needs to be and not waste the energy in trying to prune itself. In getting rid of the cancerous dead it adds a longer life to the tree as well as beautifies the particular landscape and adds more value to the property.


All of this is because of a man that moved into town from Texas and began attending Iglesia in our complex. With the move to Roswell and all of the expenditures getting here he didn't have as he stated "a quarter to drop in the plate" at church. The name of the company he founded in Texas is called Majestic Tree Service. His intention is to re-establish his company here in Roswell. In past history this city was actually called the City of Trees!


His nick name is "Butchie" and his God given name is George Boykin. He is a member of the National Arbor Association and is certified in this particular field. He states, “I study the Science and practice the art.” There is an art to treating trees and not just cropping them off at the top, as he calls that carrot topping. Yearly Butchie and fellow Arborists gather to compete in competition and follow up on new learning techniques in their industry.


George states that God blessed us with the opportunity to take care and manage our mother earth and especially the beautiful trees worldwide. He stated also that trees release oxygen and absorb carbon monoxide. The world is presently taking its toll on our trees along with insects and droughts and freezing that causes blights and disease. It is very important to prune trees at least every two to three years. To keep, them healthy and not have so much dead wood steal their energy. The dead leaves decay in the heartwood and leaving a hollow and weak tree.

For more information in proper pruning feel free to call Majestic Tree Service at 940-577-0968.



In Memory…


We extend our sympathy to the family of Margaret “Peg” Emelia Stevens Briney. Born May 11, 1929, she joined the Church Triumphant on October 13, 2013. Her Celebration of Life was held on October 17, at the church. Over fifty people attended her service. A reception was held in the Fellowship Hall following the service.



Piece Makers


As all our readers know, Westminster is a mission oriented church. There is a group of ladies who meet regularly to fulfill our commitment to bring warmth, joy, and love to others. With their amazing skill with scissors, material, sewing machines and needles, they turn out quilts and lap robes for friends and the needy alike, and just recently there were two thank you notes that arrived to thank them for their generosity of time and talent.


Dear Presbyterian Women,


I wish to thank you for the very beautiful gift you sent to me—the large spread. I have it spread out on a rocking chair. Someday I will find a place for it. I am very happy to hear from old friends I have in Roswell for I miss the friendship of W.P. Church.


Your Friend,


Donald Coppock

305 S Manton Lane

San Antonio, Tx 78213


This next thank-you came from a pastor Margaret and I met when we attended a Presbytery meeting in Clovis. We gave eight quilts to be delivered to another pastor in El Paso who would then see that they were given to a mission church serving in that area.


Dear Ann,


Just letting you know that Rev. Hawkins is in the process of getting Westminster’s quilts into the right hands. They will be a wonderful blessing to the recipients—a sign of God’s gracious love and mercy.


In Christ,

Rev. Norm Story, Pastor

First Presbyterian Church in Las Cruces


As our Chimes readers can see, from the quilts’ beginnings to their deliveries, God’s hand is in the process.



Adult Christian Education


The Adult Class, which has been on a short hiatus for different reasons, plans to reconvene before the end of the month to continue the Colossians study taught by Bob Williams, after which the next subject for consideration is up for grabs. The class is currently attended by from 9 to 11 members; there is always lively discussion. They would welcome any who would like to join up. They start gathering at 10:45; the study usually starts at 11:00, ends at 12:00.



Property News


If anyone noticed it being cold in the Fellowship Hall during October, it was found that the Gas Meter regulator out front of the building was not working properly. New Mexico Gas Co. was out bright and early to replace the meter with a working one so that we will be warm and cozy during the coming winter months.



South East Cluster


South East Cluster -- Fall Event November 16, 2013, Saturday, 1:00 P.M.


Everyone is invited to participate in the fall fellowship event. Hosted by Carlsbad-First PC (USA) at:


Gene and Ellen Harbaugh's

601 E Orchard

Carlsbad, NM 88220.


Everyone is invited. Come, be our guests, and join us for an afternoon of fun, food and fellowship. There will be activities for all ages. Looking forward to seeing you all there!


**Please let Ann Dye, Westminster's Presbytery Commissioner, know by November 8, 2013, if you are planning to join in this Cluster Event. Also contact Ann Dye 625-9607 if you have any questions**



Session News


At its meeting on Sunday 13 October 2013 the Session conducted the following business:


Pastor’s Report: attended Presbytery meeting in Clovis, elected chair of Committee on Representation and Nominations, will attend Synod meeting in Phoenix area 25 & 26 October, appointed to Commission to install Kent Leydens as pastor of First Church


Committee Reports and Recommendations:

FELLOWSHIP – Thanksgiving dinner, 28 Nov 13, will be served at 12 noon

MISSION & STEWARDSHIP - Letter and pledge cards will be distributed 10 November

WORSHIP – MOTION from committee to add Psalter Reading and Kyrie to our Sunday service PASSED. MOTION from committee to hold Christmas Eve service at 7 pm PASSED.



November Liturgists


Nov. 3 - Nancy Armstrong

Nov. 10 - Ann Dye

Nov. 17 - Tom Berckes

Nov. 24 - Open



Habitat for Humanity


The dedication of the new home created by Habitat for Humanity will be held on Thursday, November 14, 2013, at 5:30 pm. The house is located at 1106 East Beech Street off South Atkinson. You are welcome to attend. Those from Westminster that have helped with this house are Tony Merz and Abel Esquibel.


The new partner family is that of Marisol Vargas and her three boys. If you are interested in helping Habitat for Humanity of Roswell, talk to the Rev. Bob Williams for information.



Thanksgiving Prayer


Dear Father in Heaven

Please lend me Your ear,

'Cause I've got a prayer

You'll be happy to hear.


Lord, there's no request list

This time when I pray,

I just want to give thanks

This Thanksgiving Day.


First, I want to thank You

For gifts from above:

Your unending mercy,

Your undeserved love.


And thank You for sending

Your Son down to earth,

For now those in Jesus

Can have second birth.


Lord, thank You for saving

Your children from Hell,

And giving Your Spirit

Who comes to indwell.


And thank You for choosing me

To be Your own,

For now that You're in me

I'm never alone.


Lord, thanks for forgiving me

When I'm untrue,

And last, but not least, Father,

Thank You for You!


-- from Connie Hinnen Cook



Mark Your Calendars!



  • Nov. 1, 3pm. Worship Committee

  • Nov. 2, 8am. Men’s Breakfast

  • Nov. 3. Communion Sunday

  • Nov. 6, 6:30pm. Choir Practice

  • Nov. 9, 8am. Men’s Breakfast

  • Nov. 10, 11am. Session Meeting

  • Nov. 11, 9:30am. PW Circle

  • Nov. 13, 6:30pm. Choir Practice

  • Nov. 15. CHIMES Deadline

  • Nov. 16, 8am. Men’s Breakfast

  • Nov. 17, 10:45am. Evangelism & Concern Committee Meeting

  • Nov. 20, 6:30pm. Choir Practice

  • Nov. 23, 8am. Men’s Breakfast

  • Nov. 24. Cents-Ability Collection

  • Nov. 25, 9am. Piece Maker’s Day

  • Nov. 28. noon Thanksgiving Luncheon

  • Nov. 30, 8am. Men’s Breakfast



Worship Attendance


September 29 - 55

October 6 - 64

October 13 - 45

October 20 - 52



Westminster Chimes

is published monthly by

Westminster Presbyterian Church

(575) 622-2801 phone






Pastor’s office hours:

Monday – Thursday 9 – 1

And by Appointment


Admin. Asst. office hours:

Monday - Friday:

8:00 – 1:00


Contributions are kindly requested by the third Friday of each month.


Editor Ann Dye

Consulting Editor Veva Byrd



November Ushers


Margaret Johnson, Traci Buxton,

Phyllis Lester, Peg Stokes





Goldene Mondragon

Albert Dye

Ruth Eimer

Phyllis Zumwalt

Loris DeKay

Gordon Gay

Christine Spears

Joe Mondragon



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