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Westminster Chimes, June 2014 Westminster Chimes, June 2014

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Westminster Chimes, June 2014

Posted on Fri, May 23, 2014

From the Pastor


This month, instead of some heavy-duty theological thoughts, how about a bit of fun? The following essay contains 35 books of the Bible, disguised throughout the text. The first three people who call me or e-mail me with the complete list will get their names acknowledged in next month’s Chimes. In a few weeks, I will post the answer on the bulletin board in the narthex.


There are thirty-five books of the Bible in this paragraph. Can you find them? This is a most remarkable puzzle. It was found by a gentleman in an airplane seat pocket, on a flight from Los Angeles to Honolulu, keeping him occupied for hours. He enjoyed it so much he passed it on to some friends. One friend from Illinois worked on this while fishing from his john boat. Another friend studied it while playing his banjo. Elaine Taylor, a columnist friend, was so intrigued by it she mentioned it in her weekly newspaper column. Another friend judges the job of solving this puzzle so involving she brews a pot, a cup of tea to help her nerves. There will be some names that are really easy to spot. That’s a fact. Some people, however, will soon find themselves in a jam, especially since the book names are not necessarily capitalized. In fact, one community activist group thinks this puzzle should be illegal. At Ian’s house, Inez ran from the room in frustration because she could not prove R B Smith had missed one. Truthfully, from answers we get, we are forced to admit it usually takes a minister or scholar to see some of them at the worst. Perhaps alms to the poor will help generate divine inspiration. Research has shown that something in our genes is responsible for the difficulty we have in seeing the books in this paragraph. During a recent fund-raising event, which featured this puzzle, the Alpha Delta Phi lemonade booth set a new sales record. The local paper, the Chronicle, surveyed over 200 patrons who reported that this puzzle was one of the most difficult they had ever seen. As Daniel Humana humbly puts it, “The books are right there in plain view, hidden from sight.” Those able to find all of them will hear great lamentations from those who have to be shown. While the frustration you suffer may not be comic, ahh, the sense of satisfaction when you have found them all. One revelation that may help is that the books like Timothy and Samuel may occur without their numbers. Also, keep in mind that punctuation and spaces in the middle are normal. A chipper attitude will help you compete really well against those who claim to know the answers. Remember there is no need for mad exodus; there really are 35 books of the Bible lurking somewhere in this paragraph waiting to be found.


The Rev. Randy Nolen



Hungry Harold


It’s that time again, time to help out Hungry Harold. He says for June 2014 he is in need of Kool-Aid and/or Drink Mixes along with Pastas and Dried Pinto Beans. He gives thanks for the many blessings he has received from members and friends of Westminster Presbyterian Church.


In April and May we delivered to Community Kitchen 12 five-pound cans drink mix, 28 lbs pasta, 3 lbs instant potatoes, 3 lbs rice, 61 lbs pinto beans, 2 large cans soup, 5 boxes Jello and 4 jars spaghetti sauce. Hungry Harold and Community Kitchen both say thanks for your continued support and also for the $273.00 collected on Souper Bowl Sunday and forwarded to them.



Presbyterian Women Happenings


May was a busy time at the PW meeting. Officers were elected and plans made for the upcoming PW Luncheon on June 9 at 11:30 am. All the ladies of the church are invited to attend, and PW asks for a small $5 donation to cover the cost of the luncheon. Please put your name on the signup sheet in the Narthex so our caterer has a head count.


Goldene Mondragon will serve as PW moderator for one more year with Connie Berckes as Vice-moderator and Dorothy Straley as Treasurer. As always, PW invites all the ladies of the church to the monthly meetings.


God’s Blessings,

Goldene Mondragon

PW Moderator



Adult Christian Education


Beginning on May 11, the adult class will be engaged in an ongoing study, entitled The Story—Getting to the Heart of God’s Story, by Randy Frazee with Kevin and Sherry Harney. This is a work of 31 sessions, dealing with 5 Movements: The Story of the Garden; The Story of Israel; The Story of Jesus; The Story of the Church; the Story of a New Garden. From the forward: “The story of a true God, who loves his children, who established for them a way of salvation and provided a route to eternity. Each story reveals the God of grace—the God who speaks; the God who acts; the God who listens; the God whose love for his people culminated in his sacrifice of Jesus, his only Son, to atone for the sins of humanity.”


The book has as a companion a fine study guide. The class looks forward to an interesting and challenging time of discussion. All adults are invited to attend.



One Great Hour of Sharing


Thank you, Westminsterites, for your offerings to this years One Great Hour of Sharing project. $758.00 was collected and sent to Presbyterian Church (USA) through Sierra Blanca Presbytery.



Ex Libris


Your library has acquired a couple of books that you should find interesting and informative.


First is the amazing volume, The collected works of St John of the Cross, translated by Kieron Kavanaugh, OCD, and Otilio Rodriguez, OCD, published by the Institute of Carmelite Studies in Washington, DC. This is a great, 774-page tome, with works by profound Spanish contemplative, theologian, and poet, as well as a reformer and busy administrator. He was co-founder with Mother Teresa of the Discalced Carmelites, beatified by Clement X in 1675, canonized by Benedict XIII in 1726, and declared a Doctor of the Church by Pius XI in 1926. The contents include “The Ascent of Mount Carmel,” “The Dark Night,” “The Spiritual Canticle,” “The Living Flame of Love,” and “Poetry.” St John was imprisoned for awhile for being “rebellious” and finally escaped. Near the end of his life he was seriously ill and especially concerned with the welfare of those with illness. The wisdom and outreach of this book is unparalleled. A must read! When you have time!


Another comes to us from the library of Dr. Hugh Burroughs, which speaks for itself. Entitled In the Midst of Winter: Selections from the Literature of Mourning, edited by Mary Jane Moffat. Broken up into several sections, labeled “Winter,” “Spring,” “Summer and Fall,” the chapters are named “Shock,” “Idealization and Anger,” “Sing Sorrow,” “Consolations,” “Grief’s Distractions,” “Misunderstanding With the Living,” “Mourning the Loss of a Child,” “The Grief of Children,” “Widows and Widowers,” “Coping,” “Afterlife and Reunion,” “Ambivalence, Relief, Regrets,” “Memory,” “Dreaming the Dead,’” “Presences and Apparitions,” “The Reassurances of the Dead,” “Grief’s Wisdom,” and “Time and Acquiescence.” The authors quoted are many and varied, famous, and obscure, such as Mark Twain, Amy Lowell, William Shakespeare, Alfred Lord Tennyson, The Holy Bible, Anton Checkov, C.S. Lewis, Marcel Proust, Emily Dickinson, James Agee, Pearl Buck, among others. It is a gathering from world literature of the words of those who have survived the death of someone they love, speaking of the pain of grief and describing their process of mourning--recognizable by those of us who have lost loved ones and helpful to those who still face that possibility.

Check it out!


Anne the Librarian



Farewell & Welcome


Christian tradition regards Pentecost as the beginning of the Church. The crowds that had assembled for the Pentecost feast witnessed the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the Apostles and some 120 disciples with tongues of fire. The disciples who experienced the Spirit were able to speak in other tongues. In the calendar of the Presbyterian Church, it is on Pentecost Sunday that members who were elected to the Session are either inducted or ordained to serve. So many of our members have been ordained as Ruling Elders that on Sunday, June 8, we will receive the return of five faithful workers to fill two vacancies and three positions in the Class of 2017.


On behalf of the three elders leaving the Class of 2014, Ann Dye, Tom Johnson, and Harriet Pinkerton, I would like thank the congregation for blessing us with the opportunity to represent them in the decision-making involved in the efficient and necessary week-by-week steps required to be of service to our members, community, and presbytery. It is in being on the session that the “inner workings” of WPC are discovered, and personally, I’ve always found it fascinating to see how God can bring together such a diverse group that, after prayerful discussion, seem to be able to agree on the direction the church should take. It is both mentally and emotionally stimulating to be a part of a group that has the same goal: to make WPC the best it can be. I urge other members to say “Yes!” to any future request to serve on the session as the need to replenish the Elder roster arises.


Two of our members that did say yes to fill unexpired terms are Phyllis Lester and Barbara McNallen. They are filling positions vacated by a member in the Classes 2015 and 2016. The Class of 2017 is comprised of three previously ordained elders of our congregation: Fran Beason, Margy Dye, and John Martinson. We all know these five members to be dedicated in their service to WPC, generous with their time and talent, and we thank them for their active participation in making WPC a church home we can all be proud to attend.


Ann Reese Dye




Pride Day News


Pride Day will be held on Saturday, June 7, this year. We’ll start off at 8 am with “Breakfast with Bill” in the Fellowship hall. There is a sign-up sheet on the table in the Narthex so Bill will know how many will be attending both breakfast and to help afterwards. Below are listed things that need to be done this year for the church.



Check and clean kitchens.

Sort items in lower kitchen and get rid of old or odd items.

Replace 4 bulbs in downstairs kitchen.



Scrape and paint two posts near Fellowship Hall.

Pull weeds from island.

Dig new trenches around trees and bushes on south side near street.

Water seal playground wood.


Come join us in a morning of fellowship and service to our church!



PWP at Work


PWP of Sierra Blanca is pleased to announce that the funds submitted to PW Creative Ministries through the Birthday and Thank offerings are at work in our presbytery. $10,000 grant to FPC-Alamogordo for their project: Virginia's Place.


“Virginia’s Place” is a Transitional Housing program serving families who have escaped domestic violence by going to the COPE Emergency Shelter. This project is an effort between First Presbyterian Church and the Center of Protective Environment (COPE).


At Virginia's Place, participating families save a portion of their monthly income in place of rent. Supportive services, such as budget planning, household management, and job placement, are offered.


By providing safe, rent-free living, Virginia’s Place gives residents enough “breathing space” to enhance their family and employment skills while participating in a caring community. Virginia’s Place has become a real and safe haven for a mother and her seven children.


Rev. Dr. Bob Reno invites us to pray together ...

"Gracious God, send your Spirit to comfort your children, especially those who have been caught in the grip of violence and abuse, and lead us all to your promise of love and safety; in Jesus’ name. Amen."


Also PWP asks that you continue to pray for our overseas mission partners, at Bangkok School of Theology, the Rev. Leith and Carol Fuji. For our presbytery members in the Philippines the Reverends Harold (Tex) and Cris Russell and son, and for the participants in the upcoming Partnership Mission Trip to the Caribbean area.


  • PWP CT will meet with presbytery SAC members in June. This is an open meeting; all are invited to attend, time, date and place to be announced soon.

  • 2014 PWP Gathering is planned for fall 2014 in Clovis - be watching for more news about what is happening with PWP of Sierra Blanca.



Session News


At its meeting on Sunday, May 11, 2014, the Session conducted the following business:


Pastor’s Report: - Visited several members – attended Board of Pensions Benefits Consultation in San Diego and Presbytery meeting in Tucumcari

Committee Reports and Recommendations:

CHRISTIAN EDUCATION - MOTION PASSED to give $1,000 from the Memorial Fund to assist with the cost for Ryan and Travis to attend the MO Ranch Camp with the condition that they will help perform work around the church.

PROPERTY – MSP to donate $100 to the Goddard Kiwanis Key Club in appreciation for the work they did around the church – source of money at Dorothy’s discretion.

Review of Upcoming Dates:

15 June, 11:00 am, Father’s Day potluck.

14 July, Vacation Bible School starts.

21 September, 5:00 pm, Annual Pic-a-Nic in the park.



Property News


May 2014


Weeds sprayed.

Broken bubbler replaced.

Lee Straley and Tom Berckes found the leak and one of the valves. Had to call Hector Chaves for additional help. No Response.

Programmed and turned on sprinklers on the East side.

Five members of the Kiwanis Key Club, all from Goddard High, oiled pews, cleaned gutters, dug up more sprinkler pipes. (Ashley Shaw, Patience Raby, Ananita Khorsand, Angel Guanajuato and Oscar Mejia)

Still need light bulb replaced in Narthex and weeds pulled.



Worship Attendance


May 4 - 52

May 11 - 58

May 18 - 52

May 25 - xxx



June Liturgists


June 1 - Anne Gravel

June 8 - Jim Monteith

June 15 - Dorinne Lykins

June 22 - Phil Zollars




SE Cluster News


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,


A joyful wonder of modern technology, via Go To Meeting, is that members of the Southeast cluster can celebrate the 221st General Assembly opening.


We will celebrate and pray for PC (USA) and delegates attending in Detroit Michigan on opening day. Everyone is invited to this cluster gathering:


Date: June 14, 2014

Time: 12:30 p.m. (MDST)

Where: Roswell 1st - Paul Snead Library


Light refreshments provided for by Presbyterian Women of SE cluster.


Please RSVP by June 9, 2014 to Dixie Loy, PWP Moderator. Please email or call 575/317-2000 (cell).



SB Presbytery


The Sierra Blanca members attended the spring meeting at First Presbyterian Church in Tucumcari. This is the first meeting Tucumcari has hosted in several years and what a wonderful welcome !

  • The Reverend Amy Pospichal, Teaching Elder of Tucumcari, led worship and celebration of Holy Communion on Friday evening. Music selections were provided by Jubilee Handbell Choir, and a duet was offered by Mickey Page and Lou Sims of Tucumcari First.

The commissioning of General Assembly (GA) Commissioners for Sierra Blanca was the order of the day: 2014 Commissioners are Teaching Elder-Harold Armstrong, Hobbs; Ruling Elder-Dr. Phil Million, CRE-Portales; and Young Adult Advisory Delegate - Parker Temple, Las Cruces. They will be attending the 221st GA June 14-June 21, 2014, in Detroit, Michigan. Look for more information about GA to follow.

  • The Reverend Kent Leydens, Teaching Elder of Roswell First, provided an inspiring devotional and Elder Paul Mysza and his wife provided uplifting music for Saturday morning.

Saturday morning's meeting was called to order, and business was conducted according to the agenda published on the presbytery website.


Two motions, from the Commission on Ministry (COM):


a. COM recommended to withdraw concensus support of an Overture (#O54) introduced by Santa Fe Presbytery. This overture concerns the changes, beginning in 2015, for the Traditional Program Medical Dues for pastors and families. PASSED.

b. Presented CRE candidate, Dr. Janet Loman of Las Cruces for examination by the presbytery body. Should the way be clear, Dr. Loman's commissioning service be held at Las Cruces First. PASSED.


In addition, received written reports from COM were


c. Teaching Elders 2014 terms of call for Alamogordo (R. Reno), Ancho & Corona (L. Keppel), Carlsbad (pending call of new pastor), Clovis First (C. Davis), Hobbs (H. Armstrong), Las Cruces (N. Story), Roswell First (K. Leydens), Roswell Westminster (R. Nolen), Ruidoso (T. Chambless), and Tucumcari (A. Pospichal).


d. Change of service, effective May 1, 2014, for the Rev. Dr. Robert Reno, Alamogordo First, as Called Pastor (presently serving as Designated Pastor).


e. Commissions to preach, administer the sacraments for Commissioned Ruling Elders (CRE) until the last Saturday of January 2017, for Larry Loy, Dr. Phil Million, and Adam Soliz.


f. Accept the resignation of CRE Virginia King, who has moved to Dallas, Texas, area.


g. Authorized Ruling Elders Michael Page, Elizabeth Page, Chaney Rogers, and Gerald Phillips to serve communion until April 16, 2015.


A motion to amend to Standing Rules was introduced by Presbytery Leadership Team. In the absence of the Moderator, an acting Moderator may be appointed to conduct the meeting. PASSED.


Cluster Moderators gave activity reports for each area. Moderators of the clusters are Central, Rev. Reno (Alamogordo, Ancho, Corona, Nogal & Ruidoso); Northeast Elder Tom Dobson (Clovis First & Clovis-Westminster, Portales, including campus ministry at ENMU, & Tucumcari); Southeast Elder Ann Langlinais (Carlsbad, Hobbs, Lovington, Roswell First & Roswell Westminster, including Iglesia Presbiteriana Hispana); and West Rev. Norm Story (Deming, Las Cruces, including Iglesia del Pueblo, and Santa Teresa).


Special Administrative Commission, elected Sept 27 & 28, 2013, were presented to the body. The SAC has contacted Session Clerks, Teaching Elders, and Commission/Committee Moderators to schedule data gathering meetings. The SAC will report its findings at the fall presbytery meeting to be held September 26-27, 2014, at Lovington First.


The SAC members are Tony Chambless (TE, Ruidoso), Steve Loman (RE, Las Cruces), Bob Reno (TE, Alamogorodo), Amy Pospichal (TE, Tucumcari), Harold Armstrong (TE, Hobbs), and Mike Andrews (RE, Roswell First) Janet Rowe (RE, deCristo Presbytery), Judith Wellington (TE, Grand Canyon Presbytery) and Moderator Gloria Young (RE, Grand Canyon Presbytery). Ruling Elder Conrad Rocha (Synod Executive & Stated Clerk) and CRE Larry Loy (Presbytery Stated Clerk) serving as ex-officio members.


The financial committee invited Raymond James, and consultant Phil Prevender, to give a brief overview of the financial portfolio.


The fall presbytery meeting will be hosted by Lovington First September 26-27, 2014.



Mark Your Calendars!



  • June 1. Communion Sunday

  • June 1, 11:00am. Worship Committee Meeting

  • June 5, 5pm. CASA

  • June 8, 11:00am. Session Meeting

  • June 9, 11:30am. PW Luncheon

  • June 12, 9am. Comm. Kitchen

  • June 12, 5:00pm. CASA

  • June 14/15. Sandwich Kitchen

  • June 15, 11:00am. Father’s Day Potluck luncheon

  • June 19, 5:00pm. CASA

  • June 20. CHIMES Deadline

  • June 21, 8:00am. Men’s Breakfast

  • June 22. Cents-Ability Collection

  • Junes 23, 9:00am. Piece Maker’s Day

  • June 26, 9:00am. Comm. Kitchen

  • June 28, 8:00am. Men’s Breakfast

  • June 29. Hungry Harold Food Drive



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