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Westminster Chimes, July 2013 Westminster Chimes, July 2013

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Westminster Chimes, July 2013

Posted on Mon, Jul 1, 2013


From the Pastor


First, some newsworthy items: Mary and Hugh Puckett celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary on June 19, 2013. Best wishes to them and may God continue to bless them. Marge Heaton celebrates her 100th birthday on July 10. Thanks be to God for her 100 years and may God grant her many more.


The mission team from Shenanago Presbytery will arrive in Roswell on July 18. They will be leading Vacation Bible School the week of July 22 and will be leading a Bible Study at 7 pm July 21-23. I hope that there will be a large turnout to welcome them on July 18 and please show them good old New Mexico hospitality while they are here.


And now, down to business. I know you are expecting some sort of meditation on July 4, but there is only so much you can say about it, and I said it last year. But since my brain has apparently gone on vacation itself, I will repeat what I said last year. So, for your reading pleasure, here is the second of the summer reruns:


July kicks off with a civil holiday, Independence Day. It is usually just called July the 4th because that is the day it is celebrated. Does Britain have a July 4th? Yes, it comes just after July 3rd. It is not called Independence Day in Britain, although, given the rocky state of relations between the US and Britain lately, perhaps they might begin celebrating Good Riddance Day.


Actually, we celebrate the wrong day because the Declaration of Independence was ratified on July 2. It was signed by many of the delegates on July 4, but some of the signatures were not affixed until late August. But, like so many other events, it is the symbolism, rather than the actual date, that is important.


I am sure you have heard people excuse bad behavior on their part by saying, “It’s a free country.” But there is a difference between freedom and license. Freedom entails responsibility. License is irresponsible. License is punching you in the nose. Freedom is having enough respect for you and the rules of society that I don’t punch you in the nose, even if I want to. Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter said, “Your freedom to swing your fist stops at the end of my nose.” The Supreme Court also ruled that freedom of speech does not allow you to yell, “Fire!” in a crowded movie house (unless it really is on fire). My seminary roommate, John Williams, used to wonder if it was permissible to yell, “Movie!” in a crowded fire house.


We are no longer a free country, we are a country of license. The problem with that is we are all so conscious of our own “freedoms” and “rights” that we think that they are more important than anyone else’s. So when we feel our “rights” are being infringed, we cry out for laws to protect us from others. The rule book expands, common sense goes out the window, and, ironically, we all wind up less free.


The apostle Paul talks of the difference between freedom and license. License is a lack of freedom, an enslavement to the desires of the flesh, a fixation on the treasures of the world. We feel that we are free to do evil, when in reality we are enslaved to the powers of darkness. It is when we throw off the yoke of evil and bind ourselves to Christ that we become empowered to live truly free lives. We have the liberty to love, to give, to serve, to be the people we were created to be, to live as Christ lived. Let us free ourselves from bondage to sin and be the children of God, free to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, shelter the homeless, forgive the sinner, and to love God and one another as we were created to do.


The Rev. Randy Nolen



PW Circle


PW Circle met on June 10 at 11:30am, for our end-of-the-year luncheon. Some of the ladies from Lydia Circle joined us. We had a very nice lunch catered by Dorinne Lykins.


Dorothy Straley gave reports on the Birthday Offering and also the Least Coin. Rev. Randy Nolen installed the newest officers. Rev. Bob Williams spoke on the Habitat for Humanity program.


We will be off for the months of July and August. I would like to thank everyone for their help.


Hope to see you all back in September when our PW Circle has its next meeting. Date and time to be announced in the September Chimes issue.


God’s Blessings

Goldene Mondragon, Moderator



Hungry Harold


It’s that time again, time to help out Hungry Harold. He says for July 2013 he is asking again for Kool-Aid and/or Drink Mixes along with Dry Pastas and Dried Pinto Beans. Since the weather has gotten very hot and more children are being served meals, the drink mix is very popular. The Community Kitchen has served 1,013,048 meals in over 30 years. During the month of May, the average daily meals served has been 115. The Community Kitchen thanks Westminster for their kindness and contributions.


In the month of May we collected and delivered to Community Kitchen:

2 large cans powdered drink mix, 12 lb. pasta; 29 lb. pinto beans, 1 6oz box Jello, 1 gal. salad dressing, and 24 oz spaghetti sauce. We didn't do so well in May, but collections for June are looking up. 



Adult Christian Education


The class is meeting for the summer during the hour immediately following the church service. We will engage in lively discussions on subjects provided by various members; —magazine articles, current news, that day’s sermon—whatever topics spark an interest in the group. All adults are welcome, as are any interesting ideas for pondering. Come join us!



Adam’s Ministry


Adam is pastor of the Spanish church being held each Sunday at Westminster at 11:15 in the room across from the columbarium. We are so very fortunate to have him and his friends from North Liberty Presbyterian Church. This is a mission-active church that is blessing us with their expertise in conducting a VBS to be held at Westminster, July 22 – July 26; from 9am to 11am with lunch served afterwards. 


It has been some years since Westminster has been the venue for a VBS, but we are excited to be able to host one this year, and with the help of our eastern friends we anticipate filling our church with many youngsters eager to participate in a joyful time experiencing God’s love. The following is a communication from Adam in which he shares the efforts North Liberty has been making to prepare for their trip to New Mexico. Our church and the young people of Roswell are being gifted with the presence of truly gifted people serving God by being with us here in Roswell:


I would like to tell you about my meeting and trip to visit our mission team in Pennsylvania. Flights to and fro are all-day events, not to mention the trip to Albuquerque to get on board an airline.


The purpose of the trip was to discuss details for vacation bible school here at Westminster Church. Another reason was to celebrate two girls that graduated from school that have been to Roswell on several other mission trips to do VBS at Iglesia. The girl’s names are Emily Eperthener and Chelsea Martin.


 After flying in on Thursday evening to Pittsburg the drive up north to North Liberty Presbyterian Church is 1 and a half hours where I heard a long time friend of mine rehearse for church on Sunday with his band. His name is Doug Thompson, with a pianist named Laura and two other friends from the past. Doug will be one of the bus drivers to New Mexico this year.


The following day we began picking up items for a neighborhood garage sale where at least 50 houses are involved. The team set up a medium size tent and a smaller one to sell donuts and meatball hoagies as well as used items for the trip down in July. Total funds raised that Saturday were $440.00 after all expenses. The team, through a matter of a couple of years is aiming to hit the goal of $16,000 for the trip and at this point are $2000 shy of their goal.


Sunday morning, I have the privilege of speaking on behalf of our churches to host their trip this year. I sang a song as well and the graduates were awarded at their church for their lifelong accomplishments at church, school and lifelong projects.


On Monday evening we had a small banquet for the graduates as I had the honor to sing several Christian songs. Later that evening they began making arrangements for travel, supplies needed and materials to be taught for VBS. They are still in the process of booking hotels on their two-day trip down.


Tuesday was a day for preparation of their next fund raiser the upcoming weekend. I got the honor of washing hundreds of pounds of potatoes to be sold along with coke and root beer floats and various other items. I prayed with Sue Black that every single potato would be sold.


I spoke with Sue, Monday the 10th of June, when she reported of their huge success in selling all the products and food as they had to buy at least eight more big bags of potatoes. I laughed with her and told her that we had prayed for a big success on their three-day event. The total figure was about $ 2,200. Their other intention is to help paint some of the wood beams in the front of the church.


It was such a great joy and honor to work and plan with this team. We are in prayer for many kids to come to Westminster so that we can share the good news of our Lord with them. Information on their teaching is in www.lifeway/VBS. The lesson is in 1st Timothy about his strength and not to have fear. One of the team members will send me the material later on. I have started the promotion and advertisement of this wonderful event as we speak. I took a flyer to Cable One TV and will have people sign up through Presbyterian Outreach.

 This ends my report as I leave you with blessings. Como siempre, Adam”


P.S. We will need snacks during VBS and some volunteers, Thanks.



June Property News


  1. Weed and feed was spread on the front lawn, thanks to Adam Solis.

  2. Water re-connected so back pecan tree can be watered.

  3. Adam is also doing some manual watering in areas where sprinklers do not reach.

  4. Changed light bulbs over the organ.

  5. Replaced and rewired light sockets over children’s area (6 hours for this project)

  6. With Randy’s help, re-hung the breaker cover in electrical room.

  7. Cleaned electrical room and hung up most of the tools.

  8. Re-sprayed the parking lot and grass in yucca beds.

  9. Patched crack in fellowship hall wall.

  10. Replaced sprinkler head in front of church.

  11. Ray Lewis is back in the saddle of the lawnmower.

  12. Replaced three broken bubblers on south trees.

  13. Replaced the solenoid and diaphragm on the valve for the tree in the center of parking lot.

  14. Weed whacked parking lot of all dead weeds.

  15. Solenoid controlling the East side sprinklers was repaired.

  16. Beams across front of church entrance has been painted by one of Adam’s clients.


We still have some projects left for those interested.

1. New speakers for the Narthex.

2. Patch cracks inside the building(s).

  1. Sprinkler system, west side.



SW Synod Trip to the Holy Land


A trip to the Holy Land, designed around Presbyterian interests in that region, is being offered through the Synod of the Southwest, departing from Phoenix, AZ, February 1, 2014.


The dual focus of the trip is on the life of Jesus while attempting to understand some of the complexities that compromise daily life of the region. The itinerary begins in Jesus’ birthplace and ends in Jerusalem. Along with place names familiar to Christians, there will be opportunities to meet leaders dealing with the realities of life in these holy places.


An optional three-day extension to Petra, Jordan, is available.


Priced from Phoenix, the cost for the main tour, February 1 – 11, 2014, is $3,629, based on double occupancy. In addition to round-trip air from Phoenix, this includes:


  • eight nights accommodations,

  • breakfast and dinner daily plus one lunch,

  • all ground transportation and transfers by deluxe motor coach,

  • extensive sightseeing by expert local guides with entrance fees included,

  • porterage for one checked bag per person,

  • gratuities for all drivers and guides, plus

  • airport/foreign departure taxes.


The optional extension to Petra, February 11 – 14, is $849 per person, based on double occupancy.


Optional travel insurance is available.


Request a brochure by calling the Synod of the Southwest office, 520-791-9600, or sending an email to, or visit the Synod website at to view the brochure.


Discuss the tour with Rocky Mackey, by calling 480-503-9297. She is one of two Synod leaders accompanying the group at their own expense.



Friends: Old & New


Make new friends but keep the old; One is silver, the other is gold.”


Remember the song above that we sang as a round back “when” (the 40’s, 50’s)? I do. 


Sitting around a campfire before retiring to our tents after a busy day hiking, swimming, art and crafts—all the activities of a Girl Scout camp, we usually closed the evening with this song. We were reminded that, while we still could enjoy being with our tried and true friends, we had acquired other, newer ones with all their enthusiasm to enrich our own. Our church is like this. Our membership includes many who have been friends since its inception, and with God’s blessing we shall acquire others that want to join our ranks.


In our session meeting, Sunday, June 9, it was brought to our attention that Westminster has somewhat of a problem with our “old” friends. Quoting from The Book of Order it is written that “The session may delete the names from the roll…when a member has ceased to participate actively in the work and worship of the congregation for a period of two years….The session shall seek to restore members to active participation and shall provide written notice before deleting names due to member inactivity.”


For the many of you who are faithful members and are involved responsibly in the ministry of the church, the Book of Order lists eleven ways that we can and should participate. Several of these include: “taking part in the common life and worship of the congregation; supporting the ministry of the church through the giving of money, time, and talents, and lifting one another up in prayer, mutual concern, and active support.”


It is unfortunate that some letters had to be mailed to inactive members. Of course, the obvious intent was to spur them to consider returning to our sanctuary and gracing us with their presence. It was interesting that several replied with the request to leave them on the roll, without the assurance that they would rejoin us any time soon. This leaves the session in a quandary because without their attendance we are supposed to delete them from the roll. Please, if you are reading this as a member in questionable standing, let us hear from you soon and let us look forward to welcoming you back! You’ve been missed.



Our Church Family


Recently Westminster received information regarding the graduation of our own high school senior (and the last for the next several years unless our membership grows) from Karen Martinson, Hannah Martinson’s mother. It was such a pleasure hearing and seeing Hannah in our choir this past year, and we will miss her when she leaves for the university. When she leaves she will be accompanied by our blessings! Following is the note from Karen:


Hannah Martinson graduated from Goddard High School on May 25, 2013. She graduated with High Honors with a grade point average of 4.367 and was ranked ninth in her class. She plans to attend The University of New Mexico in the fall and study Nursing and then pursue a Master's degree in Midwifery. She hopes to continue to take dance classes and possibly take some music classes as well. Hannah would like to thank the congregation of Westminster for all the support they have graciously given her over the years and hopes that Westminster will continue to keep her in their prayers.



Liturgists for July


July 7 - Dorinne Lykins

June 14 - Larry Loy

June 21 - Gordon Gay

June 28 - Dixie Loy



Session News


MSP to receive treasurer’s report subject to audit. Dorothy advised that the executor of Edith Rottman’s will said the church was not the beneficiary. MSP for Dorothy to issue check from the Memorial Fund to Mildred & Joe Powell to pay off the note. Dorothy also had letter from the Insurance company requiring background checks on any employee, volunteer, etc that interacts with children. She will check into this more and contact Bill Shue if fingerprints are needed.


Pastor’s Report:

Visited with Patti, Fabi, Veva and Otis. Should have VBS plans finalized this week after Adam returns.


Report of Clerk of Session:

Received a request from First Presbyterian on the behalf of Ray & Patti Mitcham to transfer their membership. MSP to ask Secretary to prepare the papers.


Committee Reports and Recommendations:


COMMUNICATIONS – thanked everyone for their participation in the Annual Report


CHRISTIAN EDUCATION - NTR (nothing to report)




FELLOWSHIP – Father’s Day potluck next Sunday – possible Birthday party in Fellowship Hall on 07 July for Marge Heaton






PERSONNEL – held 2 meetings – reviewed Secretary – will review Organist next week and Choir Director in August. MSP to change the wording of Secretary’s time off – now is 5 hrs sick and 5 hrs personal – change to just 10 hrs per month. MSP to buy new chair for the office.


PROPERTY – written report – no action items








New Business:

Committee Chairs were assigned as follows:

Communications: Tom Johnson

Christian Education: Ann Dye

Evangelism & Concern: Nancy Armstrong

Fellowship: Julia Esquibel

Mission and Stewardship: Joe Albrecht

Nominating: Loris DeKay (congregational members: Fran Beason, Phyllis Lester & Marilyn Nolen elected 24 Feb 13)

Personnel: Harriet Pinkerton

Property: Bill Berckes


Columbarium: Ann Dye

Endowment: Ann Dye





In last month’s Family News was a misprint. It should have read as follows:

Harriet Pinkerton is proud to announce her grandson, Jonathan Pinkerton, son of Clay Pinkerton, has graduated from NMMI Junior College with an Associate of Science Degree.

We apologize for the misprint.



VBS Update


The VBS promotion is already in progress at Cable One vision, (Community Calendar) and posters and flyers are being distributed.


If you are available to volunteer in any way to assist with VBS, please contact Adam Soliz at 637-0355.


We are so fortunate to have Shenanago’s expertise to help us get back into having VBS. Let’s give them all the help we can!



The best use of life is to invest in something that will outlive life.

Remember Westminster in your will.



Mark Your Calendars!



  • July 4, Holiday-Office Closed

  • July 5, 3 pm. Worship Committee Meeting

  • July 6, 8:00 am. Prayer Breakfast

  • July 7. Communion Sunday

  • July 13, 8:00 am. Prayer Breakfast

  • July 19. CHIMES Deadline

  • July 20, 8:00 am. Prayer Breakfast

  • July 22, 9:30 am. Piece Maker’s Day

  • July 27, 8:00 am. Prayer Breakfast

  • July 28. Cents-Ability Collection



Worship Attendance


May 26 -- 57

June 2 -- 61

June 9 -- 58

June 16 -- 60

June 23 -- 54



Westminster Chimes

is published monthly by

Westminster Presbyterian Church

(575) 622-2801 phone

(575) 625-2806 fax





Pastor’s office hours:

Monday – Thursday 9 – 1

And by Appointment


Admin. Asst. office hours:

Monday - Friday:

8:00 – 1:00


Contributions are kindly requested by the third Friday of each month.


Editor Ann Dye

Consulting Editor Veva Byrd



July Ushers


John & Karen Martinson

Connie Berckes & Margaret Johnson





A.J. Harrison,

Marge Heaton,

Hugh Puckett

Margaret Elliott,

Traci Buxton

Jerry Makowski

Connie Berckes

Enid Kelley

Marcia Makowski



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